8 Health Benefits Of Pudina Juice – Oneindia Boldsky

For example, pudina juice is one of the cooling summer drinks which reduces body heat. The mint leaves are also good for aiding digestion. During summers, if you suffer from from digestive problems, drink a glass of mint leaves juice to sooth the stomach muscles and aid digestion as well. Here are some of the health benefits of having pudina juice. HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS SUMMER JUICE Mint is available in many varieties like applemint, horsemint, orangemint, pineapplemint, peppermint, spearmint to name a few, peppermint and spearmint being the most widely used ones. The herb is one of the refreshing and cool leaves which acts as a natural mouth freshener. During summers, pudina or mint leaves are very popularly consumed due to its cooling effects. Health Benefits Of Having Pudina Juice: 8 Health Benefits Of Pudina Juice 1/9 Reduces Body Heat This is one of the main benefits of drinking this healthy summer drink. Pudina provides cooling effect which reduces body heat.
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