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Still, some think the benefits of juicing have been oversold. We talked to several experts about how to incorporate it into a healthy diet. BENEFITS Supporters of juicing say it adds a wider variety and more servings of vegetables to your diet in a concentrated amount, while reducing food cravings because the added nutrients replenish the bodys deficiencies. They say it could also lead to clearer skin, better sleep and a stronger immune system. Im so much happier, says Talbot, author of Clear Skin Detox Diet (Ulysses Press, $14.95). I feel lighter throughout the day and more energized. Its not just juicing; its my diet as well that has made a huge impact on my life. Mitch Bernstein, a certified wellness coach at Elixir Juice Bar, which recently opened in Dallas, says the No. 1 benefit to juicing is the increased energy that comes as a result of giving the digestive system a rest. Most of our energy is going toward digestion, primarily because were eating foods that are wrong to start or went wrong in preparation being cooked or prepared with added salt, oil, sugars, he says. The body has to break it down and then expel all that, so it makes digestion and elimination that much more difficult. He says juicing allows nutrients to go straight into the bloodstream, without the body having to expend energy wto break down food. You feel lighter, more energetic, he says. If you do it longer, the eyes have more of a sparkle and the skin tightens, as soon as you lighten the load on digestion issues. Its almost an anti-aging aspect. POTENTIAL PROBLEMS Other nutritionists say juicing should not be seen as a cure-all.
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