Juicing Tips for Beginners & Veterans

Cherie Calbom has quite an interesting tale to tell as her rise to fame as “The Juice Lady”. A best selling author of 21 books, including “Juicing for Life”, she wrote a recent article that has some nice tips and advice for people of all juice-related knowledge levels.

Key takeaways for me were:

  • People who eat seven to eight servings of fruit per day were consistently 3 points higher in well-being research studies than for those who ate little or none.
  • Similarly, Harvard School of Public Health research studies found that people who kept the most optimistic outlook on life also had the highest carotene levels in their blood. Carotene is an important antioxidant that’s most often found in dark leafy spinach, kale, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, papayas and cantaloupe.
  • Juice makes it a lot easier for people to keep up with their daily recommended fruit and veggies intake. Converting the amount to produce that you have to chew makes it seem like an awful lot!
  • Diversify your juice recipes! Sticking to the same basic ones will just bore your pallet and lead to you dropping juice from your diet altogether. There’s so many unique flavors out there, so get creative.

The last one in particular definitely strikes a chord with me. I started to get a bit bored of my usual recipes and my juicing frequency has definitely dropped of late. I think I’ll add a recipes section to motivate me to find some new favorites.

Have you guys got any advice to share?

Juicy source @ mdjonline.com

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