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Watermelon Juice Recipe With Video

Amateurs to the kitchen might have many questions like should they use raw watermelon, should the melon first be seeded, what else they need to add to the watermelon juice recipe. Summer juice recipes should be as healthy and natural as possible. That is why someone needs to tell you how to make watermelon juice for summer in a natural way. So if you could use this watermelon juice recipe with video, you job would become a lot easier. The video tells you exactly what you need to do without adding too many frills. Mint leaves- 4 leaves Procedure Cut a watermelon into half. Scrape the pulp of watermelon. We will be using about 2 cups of watermelon. Pour 2 cup of scraped watermelon pulp into the mixer. Add 1 whole lemon pulp; that is lemon scraped out of its peel with a large knife into the blender. Do not forget to take the seeds of the lemon out before you add it to the blender. Then, add 1 inch of ginger that has been peeled and chopped into small pieces. Now pour 2 cups of water into the blender and churn it for a minute.
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